Emotional Manipulation
So, you’ve met someone.  Someone special. They have rocked your boat. Kind, loving and caring, they make you feel amazing.  You may even feel they are the one. Isn’t that how most relationships start out?  What most people don’t realise or acknowledge is this.  In the honeymoon period of every […]

Emotional Manipulation: 5 Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship

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You will never be able to escape from your heart so it’s better to listen to what it has to say.  ~Paul Coelho Going through the motions of a comfortably numb life just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore. The shift to a heart-centred way of living means that our souls are […]

5 Signs Your Soul Is Crying For Freedom

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Always, always trust your first gut instinct.  If you genuinely feel in your heart and soul that something is wrong, it usually is. I’m hard-wired to read the energy of the people, situations and the places around me.  My intuition antennae, my inner GPS, is firmly switched on.  My abilities developed […]

Trusting Your Intuition : If It Feels Off. It’s Off!

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“Burnout is when long-term exhaustion meets diminished interest” ~ Unknown I played a high-risk game and danced with the devil that is burnout, throughout my legal career.  The stakes were high – my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing were on the line. How far could I push myself and what were […]

Burnout: 6 Signs You’re Ready To Hit The Wall

Remember Who The Enemy Is
I am on the quest for a radical level of freedom, For this reason, I make sure I am consciously aware of anything that causes blocks to being free. I used to believe that the blocks to my personal freedom lay outside of myself.   This person or that person was getting in […]

Freedom: Remember Who The Enemy Is

Self-love.  It’s all the rage at the moment.  Yet if you look on the net and social media, the issue of self-love is a little controversial. There are definite for and against camps, Those who fully embrace self-love and those who cringe when self-love is mentioned. For some, self-love comes […]

Tough Love: Why I’m Firm But Kind With Myself

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I am a member of a Secret Tribe.  A Secret Tribe of men, women and children scattered far and wide around the world. Members of the Secret Tribe come from every background, culture, class, ethnicity, place and gender.  The only requirement to join is your youth, your innocence and your […]

The Secret Tribe: Are You A Member?

We have one moral obligation to our children.  To protect them from harm. I hit a big anniversary in the last week.  My 5 year anniversary since I had my “she let go” moment and left my legal career behind. While every area of my life has drastically changed, this […]

We Are In This Together: Why I Am Walking For ...

Girls With Sole
Hello my friends! I am walking the Camino de Santiago for charity in July/August 2016.  Girls With Sole is one of the organisations I will be supporting with the funds I raise. I´m delighted to introduce Liz Ferro, the Founder of  Girls With Sole, a US based organisation which uses free fitness […]

Introducing Girls With Sole

Instincts -v- Intuition
A woman knows by instinct or intuition what is best for herself ~ Marilyn Monroe A woman in touch with her instincts who uses her gift of intuition has an inner GPS that will guide her through life.  Yet there is a difference between instincts and intuition which can help or […]

Instincts -v- Intuition: What’s The Difference?

beauty trap
If you are a woman alive today, you will be aware of the beauty trap. The beauty myth runs deep in society and seriously undermines every woman alive. Simply put, the beauty trap is the myth that a woman’s value is based on her outer appearance and not her inner […]

The Beauty Trap: Why You Need To Run For Your ...

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Following on from my post Emotional Manipulation: 5 Warning Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship, a client asked if I would write a post on the essential steps for a healthy relationship. Human Beings have a natural desire to form intimate relationships and bonds yet our one-to-one love relationships can cause a lot of […]

8 Essentials For A Happy Relationship

Travel: 8 Reason To Make That Journey Your Own
Travelling alone is possible for anyone my friends.  I love to take a solo journey! Whether you are single or in a relationship, introverted or extroverted, travelling alone is major “me time” and everyone should experience going solo at least once. The best travelling companion you can have is yourself […]

Travel: 8 Reasons To Make That Journey On Your Own