Imagination Is Freedom: The Importance Of Being Curious


imagination is freedom

I’m known for my musing! I enjoy disappearing down the rabbit hole, into the maze of what ifs, buts and everything in between. I’ve always had a natural curiosity for the magical and the mundane. The need to constantly search for answers, that more often than not leads to more questions.

In the last few years, I have also learnt that the answers lie in stillness. In letting the mind drift into the void through meditation. I recall reading The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho, where the protagonist practised the art of calligraphy which revealed that the answers lay in the space between the words. Grasp it could I not. The mind must muse for answers and yet I do understand now. Musing asks the questions. Stillness provides the answers.

Whether it is through musing or stillness, I understand the importance of being curious. To know thyself, the quest for self-realisation and positive change starts with a curiosity, a question that won’t go away.

Curiosity is the gateway to imagination and imagination is freedom. When you engage with your imagination, usually through day dreaming, you begin the process of creating better ways of being, individually and collectively.  Every major step forward taken by humanity, every new invention created, began with one person’s natural curiosity and imagination.  Imagination is the key to positive change and development.

Do you want to change your life?  The answer is to be curious and use your imagination to free yourself.

So let your natural curiosity run riot! Make time to daydream, let your inner musings go rampant and be still to find your answers. Everything you are and want to be will be answered by a willingness to be curious and to jump down the rabbit hole into your imagination. Be curious!

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