Dear Empath: Why You Really Need To Protect Your Boundaries


Why You Need To Protect Your Boundaries

Before I became aware of the importance of boundaries in terms of emotional exchanges, I was the equivalent of a sponge soaking up the emotions of the people around me.

I was a Lawyer in my previous career and worked for a legal firm in London for two and a half years.

I caught the train to work every day. If you want to know what a canned sardine feels like, travelling on London public transport in rush hour will give you a good idea!

Although I wasn’t aware at the time, the packed out train journey first thing every workday morning exhausted me before my day even began.

As soon as I stepped on to the train, I was hit by an avalanche of emotions; some good although most negative, which made me feel ungrounded and sent my own emotions into a spin.

I could never be sure whether my emotions were my own or belonged to someone else.

Little did I know that I was an Empath without boundaries.

As a Lawyer who made a living from pure logic and reason, the idea that I was feeling the emotions of other people seemed silly.  Really silly.

Until a friend convinced me to make an appointment for an energy healing session.  I thought “Why not.  It’s got to be worth a try”.

When I walked through the door of the first Energy Healer I saw for treatment their words were “Good God, we need to shut you down”.  I was sponge soaking up the energy around me.

I was shown how to close down to stop myself from soaking up the emotions of other people and especially in the company of people with negative energy.

By adopting this practice and other methods I developed, I was able to regain my balance and open up to people I felt comfortable with rather than every Tom, Dick and Harry.

And this is just one example of being an Empath without boundaries.

Many Empaths struggle in crowded places.

This is why you really need to protect your boundaries and cleanse your energy.  Without boundaries, you’ll end up on an emotional roller coaster of other people’s emotions.  When you learn how to cleanse your energy and protect your boundaries, you’ll become a happy Empath.

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