Shake Woman Shake: The Wrecking Ball Of Life


Shake Woman Shake

Wild Woman, you were not meant to be tame.  You are an earthquake shaking loose everything that is not soul.  Shake Woman Shake

~ Elyse Morgan

Who has been hammered by life in the last few years?  There’s an awakening going on don’t you know and everyone is invited.  Attendance is compulsory. Kicking and screaming if need be.  Resistance is most definitely futile.

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t experienced the intense shift that has occurred over the last few years whether they were consciously awakening or not.   I’m sure we will look back and realise that fundamental change started on the individual level, from within, during this period and it’s yet to be seen how this might play out and manifest collectively in the future.

My own journey has been an intense, gut wrenching yet exhilarating and extreme roller coaster of a ride.  When I left my legal career behind, it was the start of my awakening journey.   Up until that point I knew the path in theory and had even dipped my toes in.   I had an understanding of the concept of awakening.  That we are all one linked by our energy.  Little did I know that there’s a big difference to knowing the path and actually walking it.  By taking the leap and starting on my own path to freedom, the time came for me to walk my talk and start the long journey back to myself.

To awaken is to return to the wild, to soul freedom and if I wanted to change my life, live authentically and follow my purpose, I needed a shakedown of everything that wasn’t soul and a shakedown is what I got.

If you want to fly you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.

When we start to awaken, we are in effect shining a light on and healing our shadow side, our subconscious conditioning, emotional wounds and fears which holds us back from being all we can be and stopping us from a life of soul freedom. Once on the path of awakening, life will step in with its wrecking ball through circumstances, people and situations to bring into our awareness what conditioning, fear and wounds are holding us back.

We humans fear change and the crisis’ brought about by the wrecking ball of life is often the catalyst that is needed to deal with our shadow side.  Heartbreak, illness, job losses, deaths, financial struggles or in my case having my personal safety threatened.  You name it.  The wrecking ball of life will give you the experience you need to bring your shadow side into your awareness, to feel it and heal it.

And when the wrecking ball of life pays you a visit, you will quake, you will shake and more than likely end up on your knees.  Dealing with your shadow side is terrifying.  It’s the equivalent of letting your fear monsters, demons and whatever else you are hiding from yourself, out of the closet and being forced to sit with them, to learn, feel the fear, hurt, pain and grief to heal. If you want to fly you got to give up everything that’s weighing down.  If you try to run or hide, the wrecking ball will take another swing at you through a similar life experience until you finally deal with your shadow and heal.

I can see that every swipe by the wrecking ball of life I faced resulted in a crisis that was needed to allow me to feel, heal and drop what was no longer needed.  I have a sense of gratitude for the bitter medicine that life doled out for the healing in my own life.

So if the wrecking ball of life is paying you a visit, shake woman shake.  You are an earthquake shaking down everything that is not soul.

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