Passion To Purpose: 4 Ways To Work Your Life Purpose


Life Purpose

If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion.  For your passion will lead you to your purpose. T P Jones

I’m finding that more and more of my clients are searching for something more than success in terms of financial and material benefits. They are looking to find their purpose, to feel passionate and authentic in their working lives.

If we have to work, wouldn’t it be better to do something we love and not just follow the money?

If you are struggling to find your purpose, here are four tips to help you:-

1. Find Your Passion

Your purpose is linked to your passions, in terms of your hobbies, beliefs or creative activities.    It’s what makes you come alive, what you would do if money was no issue.  What would make you bounce out of bed every day, whether you made money or not.

2. Work Your Strengths

Once you are aware of your passions, make a list of your key strengths.   Key strengths are areas where you feel confident in your abilities, i.e. are you a people person or more skilled in organisation?  Do you enjoy public speaking or prefer to work in the background?  Your key skills are transferable to help you work with your passion and develop your purpose.

3. Highlight Work In Progress Areas

Highlight skills you may need to convert your passion to your purpose, either by developing yourself, or seeking the help of someone  skilled in this area.

4. Experiment

Whether your passions develop into your purpose and become a hobby or a career, experiment with following your passions and purpose.  Find like-minded people, join groups and see how other people are developing their passions into their purpose.  Volunteer to gain experience to help you decide on how you will work with your purpose in the future.

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