Dear Empath: 8 Ways To Cleanse & Repel Negative Energy


As more and more people awaken to the reality that we are more than skin and bone, separated by the edges of our physical self and all interconnected by the energy we hold within, the ability to cleanse and repel negative energy that we may come into contact with is essential to our health and well-being.

Whilst a shift is occurring in the collective as we open to living from a more heart-centred place, this expansion can often lead to ourselves being exposed when it comes to lower vibration energy from others and society as  a whole.

One day in the future, we may all live in a world where energy consciousness is a given, where it is the norm for people to respect and honour each other’s energetic boundaries but until that day arrives, it is important to learn how to cleanse and repel any negative energy that we may come into contact with.

Here are some tools for your toolbox to help you clear away negative energy and protect your energy boundaries.

Cleanse Your Personal Space

Our personal space is anywhere we spend time on a regular basis such as our home, our place at work even our car.  By cleansing our personal space we create a peaceful environment free from the negative energy of others.

You can cleanse your space by these simple methods

  • Open the windows. Fresh air flowing through your personal space will naturally disperse any negative energy held within your space.  Leave the windows open on a regular basis.
  • Smudging/Incense. Smudging with sage by burning white sage bundles has been used for centuries to cleanse and clear negative energies.  Incense also has a similar effect.  Burn sage/incense and waft around  to cleanse your personal space of any negative energies.
  • If you feel your personal space in terms of a room etc has a heavy, negative energy hovering around, walk around the room hand clapping for ten minutes with the window open to break and disperse the negative energy.

Cleanse Through Bathing

Most of us are taught and continue to cleanse our physical bodies through bathing on a daily basis, usually by taking a shower or bath.  We can also use our bathing time to cleanse our energy with the right intention.

While taking a shower, close your eyes and visualise the water as healing energy washing away any negative energy and once out of the shower, shake off any residual negative energy by shaking your arms and legs.

Epsom salts have been used for centuries for the therapeutic properties to cleanse the body of toxins and has a similar effect in terms of negative energy.  Add one to two cups of Epsom salts to your bath and relax.


Crystals are high vibration tools that have been used in energy healing for centuries to cleanse the body of negative energy.  The use of crystals can also alleviate stress, boost creativity and assist with raising your levels of consciousness.

There are many crystals for many different purposes but the darker coloured crystals such as tiger’s eye, black onyx, obsidian and amethyst help to repel negative energies and cleanse your energy.  Wear crystals on your body, keep them in your pockets and place them around your personal space to repel negative energy.

Keep A Tight Circle

It is often said that you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with.  If you have a negative person in your circle, consider limiting your time with them and protect your energy in their company.  Whilst most people who express their energy in a negative way are dealing with problems in their own lives, it is important not to let their negative energy affect you whilst retaining compassion.

Spend Time In Nature

A walk in nature, away from everyday life and other people is a super way to cleanse your energy.  When we walk in nature, our energy field naturally relaxes and flows out from the body essentially giving our energy field an airing.  Make time to walk/spend time in nature as often as possible.

Mantras/Positive Affirmations

Mantras and Affirmations are a powerful way of protecting our energy.  The intention behind the mantra is what gives the mantra it is power.  Consider using a mantra/affirmation in the morning such as “I am free from negative energy on a mind, body and soul level”.

Trust Your Intuition

If you find yourself spending time in the company of others and their energy feels off or negative, even if on the surface everything seems fine, TRUST YOUR INTUITION.  Energy does not lie and if it feels off its off.

Work with an Energy Healer

Energy Healers are trained to work with their clients to remove negative energy from the body.  Whether you undergo a session of energy treatment or train in energy healing yourself, energy healing is the perfect tool to remove negative energy and replenish with fresh, clean energy on a regular  basis.  Regular treatments can help to build and strengthen energetic boundaries and learn how to close off the energetic body from the negative energy of others.

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