The Feeling Is The Healing: Why You Need To Release Emotional Blocks


How to release emotional blocks

You Can’t Heal What You Don’t Feel

I’m amazed at the lengths that I would go to in my quest to block out negative emotions. My way of dealing with these emotions was to pushed them down into my Pandora’s Box and distracted myself through many different means.

By doing this, I blocked my life force from free-flowing through my body and lost my ability to experience the more positive emotions of life.

I was comfortably numb which is not a good place to be.

An Empath without boundaries is very likely to experience negative energy and blocks within their system.  Usually from past experiences and from picking up the energy around them.

Blocking off your energy is a natural response to stop yourself from feeling so much.

Yet if you block your ability to feel any negative emotions in your body, you also block the positive energy.

While you might not feel the pain, you lose the pleasure.

By spending time releasing negative emotions, you create room inside for positive energy.

So the feeling really is the healing.  Facing difficult emotions can be tough but there is no pleasure in remaining comfortably numb.

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