Morning Glory: 6 Morning Habits For A Happier You


Morning Glory

I am a happy person. It’s my natural state of being. And I love to feel happy.

Morning time is my favourite time of the day; the freshness and possibility of a full day ahead.   I am a bounce out of bed type of girl; the habit from my former life as a Corporate Lawyer, with an alarm clock permanently stuck on 5.45am, has stayed with me.

Whilst I rise up in the morning a little later these days, the thought of staying in bed whilst the day dawns around me feels like a wasted opportunity. It’s the perfect time to set the tone to feel good and I use my morning time to kick-start my day in the following ways:-

  1. Say It With Gratitude

I’m blessed to have a view of the ocean and I greet every morning stretching on my terrace, whilst looking out to sea. Whether my life is running smoothly or not, I mentally work through all the things I am grateful for.

By practicing the Art of Gratitude, you will focus your attention on the positive in your life and this practice becomes a stepping stone to happiness.

  1. Positive Affirmations

If you wait for another person to compliment you to feel good, you could be waiting forever.  Start your day by using positive affirmations about yourself and what you can do.    I Am Happy is a good place to start and change the word on the end to suit you.  Say Yes to you and what you want to achieve in the day ahead.  Believe that you deserve happiness.

  1. Eat Breakfast

In my former life, breakfast was a strong black coffee followed by a mid-morning crash and a vicious cycle of topping up on caffeine to keep going.   I now make sure that I eat within ten minutes of waking, even if it’s just a handful of grapes or seeds, to keep me going until I’m ready for breakfast.

Fuel up on the good stuff first thing in the morning to power your day ahead.

  1. Move Your Body to Move Your Energy

If you have furry companions like me, grab your dog lead and enjoy an early morning walk with your canine friend. Seeing my two dog’s tails wagging in front of me never fails to make me happy.

Any form of exercise in the morning such as Yoga or Pilates, to going for a jog or walking, helps to clear away your morning fog, kick-start your energy and ready to bounce into your day.

  1. Meditate

I’m a big fan of using my walking time in the morning to meditate, using my footsteps as a rhythm, keeping my head held high, to stay present in my surroundings and breathing deeply to help my body wake up.

Use your preferred meditation practice to leave you calm, grounded and ready to face the day ahead.

  1. Map Out Your Day

Instead of diving into each day hoping to clear your to-do list, map out your day ahead, what you want to achieve and the tasks you need to complete.  Prioritise your day and ask yourself if you really need to do everything on your list or are you making work for yourself.

Aim to start your day by completing the task you least want to do instead of leaving it until last.  This leaves you free to enjoy the rest of the day, without the dreaded task hanging over you.

By developing a positive morning routine, you will set yourself up ready to face the day and any challenges ahead, with a positive attitude and full of energy.

By making it a routine and developing a habit, your morning routine will start to help you to choose happiness, whatever the circumstances you are facing in life.

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(c) Samantha Wilson 2016. All Rights Reserved.