Empath or Empathic? What’s The Difference.


The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.  We can all sense a mysterious connection to one another ~ Meryl Streep

If you have found your way to this post, then you probably suspect or know that you are an Empath. You will have experienced the difficulty of holding your boundaries. You will feel the other people’s emotions .  You may find yourself drained for no clear reason and the world feels full of turbulent energy. Life is a roller-coaster of emotions for you.

Yet, you may be aware that many people can empathise with others, without experiencing the negative side effects.

In order to understand the difference between an Empath and a person who is empathic, we first must look at the meaning of empathy.

Empathy is emotional intelligence. When a human being is able to see through the eyes of another, to stand in their shoes and empathise with their feelings/emotions/situations, without taking on the feelings and emotions as their own.

The difference between an empathic person and an Empath is one of energy.  An Empath is able to see through the eyes of another AND undergo all kinds of subconscious energy exchange with the person.  Emotions are energy and an Empath will take on the other person’s emotions/energy and feel them as their own.

This is why Empaths struggle with their personal boundaries.

They subconsciously take on the energy/emotions of others.

So, an empathic person would be able to empathise without taking on the other person’s emotions/energy. An Empath would not be able to shake the feelings and emotions from the energy exchange. This energy would mix with their own, leaving them with a sense of being stuck in the other person’s feelings and emotions.

In order for an Empath to harness and control their gift of empathy, the Empath needs to understand energy and the energetic body to develop energy boundaries.  Through this understanding, an Empath can adopt energy boundaries and is able to experience being empathic without taking on the emotions/energy of others.

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