Introducing The Empath: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


An Empath is highly developed in sensing the emotions/energy of others. They feel everything in their environment; the people they connect with and the places they visit.  As their intuition is so highly developed, they are less likely to apply logic to their feelings. They are truly gifted.

Empaths are the some of the most generous, big-hearted and understanding people in the world today.  They are easy to talk to.  They have the uncanny ability to just “know” things and understand another person’s problems.  They have hunches that are normally right and intuition is their best friend.

They are natural healers with their ability to scan and read the energy of the people, places and objects, whether they are aware of this ability or not.  They make fantastic counsellors and mentors with their ability to empathise and see the world from another person’s point of view.

Empaths have a natural respect for other people, animals and the planet we live on.  They naturally understand that we are connected to one another, as they feel and process the energy of others around them.

Many Empaths have a vivid imagination. They are highly creative and intuitive beings and are drawn to alternative healing and metaphysical practices.

Empaths are amazing people.  They are leading the wave of emotional intelligence that is empathy.  The world needs more of us.

Empaths suffer a great deal.  Their personal boundaries are weak or non-existent, which can lead to an Empath taking on the energy of others, and they are vulnerable to emotional manipulation.

They are more likely to feel that they have to please the people around them, normally at their own expense.

They may have a heavy sense of responsibility for other people’s soul path.

Empaths may be unable to say no to other people and will feel a sense of guilt if they are unable to help someone.

Their desire to help and be of service can leave an Empath feeling drained.  An Empath intuitively knows when another person needs help but may ignore their need for self-care.

Unless they develop healthy energy boundaries, they become energy magnets and pick up the energy from their environment; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Eventually, they may get to the point where it all becomes too much.  They may release energy at others in angry bursts or experience physical illness.

Life doesn’t come with a guidebook and the only difference between an Empath who experiences their gifts as a blessing and not a curse is the conscious development of their gifts, understanding of energy and boundaries and perseverance in their self-care routines.

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