I´m Sorry: This Is Why You´ve Burnt Out


“Burnout grows in a cycle of exhaustion, cynicism and lack of civility.  Basically, burnout is bad management” ~ Unknown

Burnout feels like a slow death.  It steals your enjoyment for life, wrecks your health on every level, and turns your once highly functioning brain into scrambled eggs, leaving you with mental fog and confusion.  You feel as if you have nothing left to give until you eventually hit the wall that is your limits. So, why does burnout happen?

The number one reason for burnout is simple.

It’s  mismanagement of time, energy and resources.

A person who has reached their limits is similar to an overdrawn bank account. They have mismanaged their resources, usually through a lack of setting limits and ended up in the red energetically.

By giving their time, energy and resources as if they are limitless, they pay the price in terms of their health and well-being.

They ignore their need for self-care and rest to boost their resources.  Whilst they believe they are achieving more, they are draining their life force and may eventually reach a stage where they can no longer continue.

Once in the red, they have very little funds in terms of energy to change the status quo. They have two choices; change or burnout and must manage their time, energy and resources to pull themselves back into the black.

A person who avoids burnout sets limits in terms of their energy and resources.  They listen to their body and know their limits whilst ensuring they make time for self-care in their routines.  By accumulating energy they increase their staying power.  Bad management of time, energy and resources only serves to empty a person of their energy, zest for life and happiness.

So, if you feel you are approaching your limits and heading to the land of burnout, start managing your time, energy and resources as if you are an investment such as your bank account. Incorporate self-care into your routine to boost your reserves.  You may feel you are achieving less in the short-term.  In the long term, you will increase your staying power and reap the rewards.

(c) Samantha Wilson 2016.  All Rights Reserved.