Self-Love: Why Supergirls Do Cry


There’s a song on the radio at the moment. Supergirls Don’t Cry.  It’s played a little too often for my liking so I’m guessing it’s a popular song.  Every time I hear the song, I let out a long and loud No!  Supergirls Do Cry!

I have first-hand experience of the effects of repressing emotions and feelings.  I didn’t cry for years and when tears threatened, I sucked all the emotions back in and told myself to stop being soft.  If I couldn’t avoid tears, I would wait for my next shower, somehow believing that it was better to cry under the flow of water, my eyes wouldn’t be as red-rimmed afterwards.

The dam finally broke just before my move abroad.  I felt tears prickling the back of my eyes and before I knew it, a rush of sadness forced the tears to flow.

I couldn’t stop the tears.  I didn’t have the energy to even try.  Instead, I calmly carried on with my packing, got on with my chores, made and ate my dinner with abundant drops of sadness rolling down my cheeks.

I cried myself a river that day and it went on for hours.

I cried all the stress and tension from leaving my job behind, all the pressure from the changes I was making in my life and I laughed through the tears at my silliness for not crying it all out before.  And then I stopped.  Utterly exhausted yet strangely empty.  I was finally at peace.

Since then, I have cried a river on many occasions, in private, as I dealt with the wounds of my past.  I know the blessing of rip-roaring sobs, angry and poker hot tears that burnt my face and the gentleness of an exhausted tear, blurring my vision, without the strength to clear the rim of my eye and slowly leave a trail on my cheek.  The tears I cried became the river through which the pain, anger, hurt and betrayal slowly left my body.

Crying is my number one tool for stress relief and releasing negative emotions from my body.  Not in front of people but privately, when I need to.  If I feel emotionally off, I create a river through my tears and let it all flow out.  I don’t hold back or stop mid-flow because experience has taught me that once I empty myself, a sense of peace will follow, my equilibrium and balance will return.

We are the only species on this planet who can cry.  Why would we develop the ability to cry if not to use it? Crying is the Supergirl’s number one tool in her self-love box for keeping herself well and sane in the crazy world we live in.

We are all Supergirls making our way along the path of life and Supergirls do cry.  Supergirls understand that crying is not a weakness but a very natural way of releasing emotional pressure and tension.  Crying is simply a way of restoring emotional balance to your body.

Cry it out.  You will feel better for it.

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(c) Samantha Wilson 2016.  All Rights Reserved.