The Invisible Line: Create Your Space To Breathe


To express open creativity, you first need to create your own space ~ Anthony Liccione

I finally understood the need for boundaries by setting the invisible line during an extended trip to New Zealand.  While it took a lot longer for me to develop my boundaries, the seeds were sown during this trip, after an encounter with a wild bird.

On a glorious sunny morning, I was sat on the edge of a small pier, legs dangling and feet skimming the water, without a care in the world.  A flask of tea and croissant in hand, I marvelled at the beautiful lake before me, gently steaming in the morning sun.  Deep breathes in and out with a sense of space and peace that was foreign to me after years working with the legal field.

A small wild bird came to join me.  Hopped along the pier and stopped within an arm’s length of me.   I ripped off a piece of croissant and threw it just in front of the bird.  The bird quickly jumped forward, took it’s prize and then back again to the same spot.  I carried on throwing small pieces, just to see how close the bird would come towards me.  Without fail, the bird would jump back to the exact same spot.

I reached out my hand and the bird jumped back leaving the exact distance between us.  I slowly got to my feet and the bird jumped up on the rail and maintained the distance between us.  As I took small steps forward, the bird would hop back – the space between us always stayed the same yet the bird was curious, head cocked to one side with an inquisitive gleam in its eye.

The bird’s natural instinct was to maintain an invisible line. A space that was the boundary between us.   In that space, the bird had room to breathe, to feel comfortable, safe and free. Yet the bird was able to satisfy it’s natural curiosity and receive a tasty treat.

I felt a little envious of the bird. I realised that I didn’t have the natural instinct to hold my own invisible line. Not in a physical sense, but the emotional and energetic overstepping of my boundaries.

In the years that have passed, I regained my natural instincts. The space I now have around me is how I feel free, safe and comfortable in a world that can feel the exact opposite.

So when you develop and maintain your boundaries, you create a space to breathe where you feel safe, comfortable and free.

Your boundaries give you the space to be able to breathe and live your live without being affected by the influence of others.  The space you create is the home of your imagination, creativity and ability to ground your desires.

Yet the invisible line that is your boundary is not a wall that keeps others out.  You can still be curious and open.  You can still care and help others. Yet you’ll always have your space to come back to refresh and recharge, to breathe, imagine, create and thrive.

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(c) Samantha Wilson 2016.  All Rights Reserved.