Meditation: 3 Benefits Of Walking In Nature


We know that meditation is good for us yet mastering the mind can be hard work.

I believe in keeping things simple and see meditation as a way of giving my mind a rest from thonking too much.  Apparently, the average person has a staggering 60,000 thoughts a day.  60,000 thoughts a day uses up a lot of brain power and energy!

There are many ways to meditate.  You don’t have to sit in the lotus position, in a state of stillness to meditation (which is very difficult to master).  My preferred way to meditate, to give my mind a rest, is to go for a walk in nature. I take a walk on the wild side and let Mother Nature soothe my soul.

Here are 3  benefits of walking in nature..

 1.  Create a Flow Of Energy

The act of walking creates a flow of energy and nature provides a quiet environment. I use the rhythm and the count of my footsteps to still my mind from repetitive thoughts.  Once my thoughts stop and my mind becomes still, I am in my body and not my mind.   I listen to my body and connect with my intuition.

2. Connect With Your Intuition

I experience flashes of inspiration, awareness expanding thoughts and I’m able to see the bigger picture if I’m stuck in any area of life.  I’ve solved many problems and sown the seeds of creative ideas while walking in nature.

3. Space to Breathe & Physical Exercise

Walking in nature creates space to breath and physical exercise.  Throw in some good old-fashioned fresh air to shake off tension and stress and a walk in nature can revive and restore the most weary of souls.

So the next time you need to give your mind a rest, take a walk on the wild side and let Mother Nature soothe your soul.

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