Solo Travel: 8 Reasons To Go It Alone


Travelling alone is possible for anyone.  Whether you are single or in a relationship, introverted or extroverted, travelling alone is major “me time” and everyone should experience at least once.

The best travelling companion you can have is yourself and here are 8 benefits of going it alone:-

1. Go When You Like

If you usually travel with friends or your partner, you will probably know the difficulties of scheduling your trip away.  When you take that trip alone, you can go when you want for as long as you want.

2. No Compromising – Do What You Want, When You Want

When you travel or holiday with another person, you will find you want to do different things and have to compromise with the other person(s).  Going it alone means you can do what you want when you want without having to compromise with others.

3. Meet New People (if you like)

When you go it alone, you will find that people will always talk to you,  I’ve made many life long friends on my travels that I wouldn’t have made if I was travelling with someone else.

4. Boost Your Confidence

Even though travelling solo can be nerve wrecking, knowing that you can go it alone will boost your confidence in yourself and your abilities.

5. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As above, travelling alone will take you out of your comfort zone.  Once you can travel alone, you will never be limited by having to find someone to travel with again. The world is your oyster.

6. Space to Breathe

Travelling solo gives you space to breathe.  You don’t have to engage in conversation with your travel buddy and is the perfect time for a spot of self-reflection.

7. More Present In Your Surroundings To Learn More About Your Travel Destination

When you travel alone, you are more likely to be present in your surroundings rather than talking to your companions.  You will learn more about other cultures and, if you get lonely, as above, people will always talk to you if you want.

8. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Taking a solo trip, especially if you are in a relationship, will only make the heart grow fonder.  Even if you will miss your partner, family and friends, you will have the benefit of increased pleasure in seeing them after your trip.

So, if you take that journey alone you will realise there’s so much you can do when you travel alone that you’ll wonder how you ever managed to travel with someone else in the past.

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