Why Being In Your Body Connects You To Your Power


Being In Your Body

How often are you in your body?  I mean really in your body, in touch with your emotions, your pain and your pleasure and yes, your power?

You may say “where else could I be?” yet very few of us are present in our body on a regular basis.

Living in today’s world is hard work.  We live in a stressful times and we all carry emotional wounds from past experiences. It is easier to look and focus outside of ourselves to repress the stress, tension and negative emotions we may experience in life.

We all have our own ways of diverting our attention outside of ourselves.  Some ways are quite harmless yet some are very toxic. Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are obvious substances to escape our reality.   Television, shopping, over-working, eating, sex and attachment to other people become addictions and are used as methods of escape.

Being in your body means that you deal with your emotional pain, yet you also get the pleasure in terms of inner happiness.

It is being fully present in yourself and being aware of what your body and emotions are telling you. Learning to listen to your intuition and inner alarm system.

Asking yourself on a daily basis “where does it hurt” and honouring the feelings that arise.

I check in with my body as often as I can.  If I feel any physical sensations, aches and pains or emotions such as stress, sadness, upset or anger, then I understand that my energy is out of sync and my body is trying to get to my attention.  As I work with my energy, I correct any imbalances, restore harmony and prevent any major blocks, which could manifest into illness.

I also check in with my body during interactions with people around me which helps me to hold line i.e. my boundaries.  If it feels off, it’s off and I trust what my energy tells me, through my body, emotions and thoughts.

Being in your body is a skill to relearn if you want to stop searching for happiness outside of you.  You have to reconnect with your energy which includes your pleasure and your pain.  By reconnecting with your energy, you reconnect to your source of power and stop looking outside of yourself to paper over your inner cracks.

Learning to reconnect to your body is a journey of self-discovery.  You reconnect, listen and trust your emotions and feelings.  It is painful at first if you hold emotional wounds from past experiences but your true power in terms of happiness lie within.  Once you reconnect to your energy by listening to your body, you gradually stop searching for an escape outside of you.

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