8 Signs You’re An Emotionally Intelligent Person


“Emotional Intelligence is not about being emotional.  it´s about being smart with your emotions”

Emotional intelligence is on the rise as more people open up to living a more heart-centred existence.

Emotional intelligence is not about being emotional.  It´s learning how to be smart with your emotions to improve your emotional health and wellbeing.  When you improve your emotional health and wellbeing, you improve your quality of life and your relationships with others.  You help to make the world a better place.  So, how do you know if you are an emotionally intelligent person?

Here are 8 signs that you are an emotionally intelligent person:

1. You Have The Gift Of Empathy

The ability to empathise with yourself and the people around you is crucial to developing your emotional intelligence.  Empathy is the vehicle through which we convey understanding, kindness, compassion and love to each other. Empathy breaks down all walls and barriers we hold between ourselves.

When we empathise with another human being and convey our understanding, we support the people around us without judgement.

2. You Protect Your Energy

You understand that emotions are energy. We take on the emotions/energy of the people and places around us; both positive and negative.  An emotionally intelligent person takes steps to develop their energy boundaries to protect their energy.

3. You Know When To Say No To Others

Knowing when to say No to others in order to care for yourself is vital to your health and wellbeing. There is no limit to your ability to empathise but there is a limit to how much energy you can give to others before you drain yourself.  An emotionally intelligent person will honour their need to replenish their energy and will be able to effectively communicate their boundaries.

4. You Understand That Every Person Is Responsible For Their Soul Path

You are able to empathise with others to convey understanding but you don´t take responsibility for the soul path of others.  When you take responsibility for the soul path of another, you are in effect taking away their power and ability to deal with their life.

5. You Are Able To Deal With Your Emotional Issues

You will understand that your emotional health is vital to your wellbeing on every level.  We all suffer from emotional wounding as part of life and an emotionally intelligent person will develop methods to cleanse and heal any past emotional difficulties resulting in fear rather than avoid or deny any residual emotions from past experiences.

By dealing with your emotional issues, the past no longer plays out in the present.  You are free to live in the now.

6. You Stopped Playing The Blame Game

You take responsibility for your emotional health and well-being on every level in the now rather than pointing fingers at what was done to you in the past.  You are able to rise above the blame game to release any toxic emotions to improve your emotional state.  A healthy emotional state means a healthier life.

7. You Love Yourself First

You understand that you are responsible for loving yourself first rather than becoming co-dependent on other people to love you.  When you love yourself first, you are able to love others unconditionally and without attachment.

8. You Don’t Resort to Emotional Manipulation

Emotional manipulation is emotional abuse.  Emotional Manipulators use their gift of empathy to try to exert power over another through shaming, boundary overstepping, threats or guilt trips. An Emotionally Intelligent Person has the ability to interact with others without using emotional manipulation while being aware when they are being manipulated.

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