Hold Your Line: 8 Mantras To Support Your Boundaries


As more and more people awaken to the knowledge that we are active co-creators in our lives, setting intentions and positive affirmations are a powerful way of empowering you in developing your boundaries and holding your line.

The power of intention often sets in motion your intended course of action and it is important to embrace your self-care routine in mind, thought and action.  Mantras are positive words that are used repetitively to help direct your thoughts in a positive direction.

I’m a great believer in keeping things simple and believe the most powerful affirmations start with “I AM”. If you feel unhappy state I AM HAPPY. If you feel stressed state I AM CALM. Whilst your current state may not change immediately, the more you state your intentions through positive affirmations, the more you will find that you can positively change your emotions, thoughts and feelings.  You can change the word on the end to suit your needs,

Here are 8 short Mantras that may help you to hold your boundaries :-

I love myself completely

I will say no, kindly and firmly

I am important

I am responsible for my needs and will ensure they are met.

I am in control of my boundaries (energy or time)

I say no when I need to

I say no to others to say yes to me

I let go of all negative energy within my body

These mantras are examples and you may wish to make up your own Mantras, to suit your needs. Use your chosen Mantras as often as you need to, in your mind or out loud.

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