Intuition: She Reached For Things She Couldn´t See



“She reached for things she couldn’t see as she was feeling her way forward with her heart”

Anyone who consciously works with their intuition will tell you how subtle this form of intelligence is. A sense of knowing that often collides with your logical self.  I’ve felt a sense of knowing many times which left my logical side baffled or outright at odds with what my intuition was telling me.

I see intuition as similar to the space between the lines on writing paper. The lines are logic, hard and indisputable facts and the space between is much more subtle; the invisible, intangible concept of feeling that is intuition.

Following your logic self is like going on journey will a map in front of you. You can see the path forward in a tangible sense from hard and logical facts printed on the map.  If you hit bad weather and can’t clearly see the road ahead, you still have the map to follow.

Following your intuition is to set off on a journey trusting that you know the way.  Sometimes, your sense of knowing gives you a clear view of the path ahead yet sometimes, when bad weather rolls in, you have to take one step at a time, feeling your way forward with your heart and all the time trusting that you are going in the right direction.

Your intuition is your inner GPS and your body delivers it’s messages.

I love to watch people connect with their intuition, especially those who dismiss intuition as a load of rubbish.  Everybody has a way of accessing their intuition. Examples are clicking your tongue, to tapping your fingers against your body or another item or, like myself, staring into the distance without focusing.

Whatever method is used,  the person breaks the connection to their logical side and spaces out, even for a few seconds, allowing them to connect with the feelings in their body and wait for a response.  Don’t believe me? Become aware of your unconscious gestures and you will find you already have a way of accessing your intuition, even if you don’t listen to your sense of knowing.

Working with your intuition requires you to get out of your brain and to really sink into your body.  You are reaching for things you cannot see with your logical self or facts. You are feeling your way forward with your heart, especially in situations where your logic and sense of knowing are at odds with each other.  You are feeling your way forward with your heart, as the Heart Chakra is the gateway to your soul and hidden gifts of intuition and knowing.

So reach for things you cannot see my friends and feel your way forward with your heart.  Your hidden gift of intuition is your inner GPS and will never fail you.

(c) Samantha Wilson 2016.  All Rights Reserved.