No Drama: She Faced Her Own Chaos


I believe that I am responsible for creating my life.  Very few things happen by chance and, in the last few years, I finally realised that I had a bit of a knack for creating chaos.

That’s right.  Chaos.  Drama.  A spot of carnage at times.

The realisation that I was responsible meant that I had to face and own my chaos.  To keep an eye on the sneaky ways my little fear monsters hiding in my shadow side would pop up and start creating chaos. Sometimes by reacting from a place of fear, unclear communication or by not speaking up for myself and failing to take my wants and needs into account.

With this understanding, I stopped pointing fingers at the chaos outside of me and brought it all back to me.

I realised that we are all creators of chaos, often unconsciously so, and all chaos comes from a place of fear.

That it doesn’t matter what other people do (although this is difficult to believe). What matters is how I resonate with and add to the chaos around me.  What I need to change in myself to finally face my chaos and my fears. By doing so, I bid a long farewell to drama.

I also realised if I could create chaos, I could create anything.   I could become a creator of happiness, freedom, abundance and joy but I couldn’t be both.  I could create a fantastic life but while I created chaos, my life would include drama.

The only way to create a life of freedom is to face our chaos, our fears, our weak spots. Those little fear monsters we keep hidden in our shadow side that pop out when we least expect it.  As we face ourselves and own our ability to create, we finally free ourselves from drama to create a life of freedom.

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(c) Samantha Wilson 2016.  All Rights Reserved.