Passion & Purpose: Why You Need To Listen To Your Heart


Listen To Your Heart

You will never be able to escape from your heart so it is better to listen to what it has to say

~ Paulo Coelho

I’m often asked what finally made me take the jump from being a Lawyer living a corporate lie to creating a life I love.  My simple answer is this.  I listened to what my heart was telling me and followed the call to the wild to move to the land of my own personal freedom.

I emphasis the importance of listening to what our heart has to say.  The heart is the gateway to our soul, our higher level of consciousness and to our deepest desires and purpose.

I ignored the call of my own desires for a very long time.  I felt dead inside, just going through the motions, keeping a happy mask on.   Happiness was an occasional feeling but not something I could sustain for long periods of time. It was tantamount to soul death at thirty.

Looking back, my heart was trying to be heard through my dreams, my thoughts and through life itself.  I had closed my ears to my heart to be able to keep going on a path that wasn’t right for me. Yet my heart remained steadfast, as I drowned out the frantic signals by overworking.   My heart never stop trying to get my attention.

In my own journey, and I see this reflected in others, crisis came before change.  I had to reach rock bottom before I woke up and realised I needed more. For the first time in a long time, I stopped ignoring my body, my thoughts and emotions and really listened to myself. I was a very unhappy camper indeed as my body, mind and soul were crying out for more.  My only real regret is that I didn’t listen to myself earlier.  That I carried on for as long as I did.

Symptoms of ignoring the heart are numerous.  If you are not experiencing happiness on a day-to-day basis from within you, your heart is trying to speak to you to show you your heart’s desire.  It’s a big signpost that you are ready to change.

You may not be able create a new life overnight.  Every journey starts with the first step which is to acknowledge that you have desires that may not fit in with the life you are living.

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