Walking The Camino De Santiago: Just Follow The Signs



A friend of mine asked me during my Camino de Santiago walk “How are you managing to find your way, Sam. You´re rubbish with maps”. She wasn´t being cruel. She was speaking the truth. I can´t read a map to save my life.

I don´t use maps at all.

Sat Nav drives me crazy.

Confuses the hell out of me.

As for figuring out how to use a compass, absolutely beyond me!

I´m not the person you want in the passenger seat, navigating your journey, if a map is involved. I will get you lost. But if you need someone to use their intuition. Then I am your woman!

What works for me are signs. If there are no signs, I´ll stand on the crossroad, click my tongue and follow my gut feelings. I´m usually right. I rarely get lost. In fact I like to get lost in cities, if only to find my way back.

So it´s a good job that so many kind souls mark the way on the Camino with markers in cities and yellow arrows painted on roads, walls, houses and statues…. just about everywhere. There must be thousands! Surprisingly, no silly sod has come along and sprayed a detour.

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, the Camino de Santigao, which covers the whole of northern Spain, can be crossed by following the yellow arrows along the way. It´s amazing.

As long as you remember to stay present.

Anyone can walk the Camino. You´ve just got to follow the signs.

Which is a lot like life really. We are all walking along our path of life and life gives us so many signs on the direction we should take. But you´ve got to be awake. You´ve got to be alert. You got to be in the now and stay present. And you´ve got to follow the signs…..

I lost my way just once on the Camino. My detour took me two and a half kilometres off track in la meseta (the desert), in the middle of a blazing hot afternoon. I paid the price with heat exhaustion as I had to double back on myself. I didn´t make the same mistake twice 🙂

So, stay present my friends. Watch out for the yellow arrows of life and follow your own yellow brick road….


(C) Samantha Wilson.  All Rights Reserved.