Be The Queen Of Your Own Life: How To Define Your Personal Boundaries


What if I told you that you are a sovereign being?  A Queen no less.  A Queen of your own life and the space you occupy?  Would you believe me?

If you want to be the Queen of your own life then you have to understand and define the space you occupy and rule  You have to know your boundaries and your limits.

In a nutshell, a boundary is

A line which marks the limits of an area; a dividing line ~ Oxford Dictionary

Every country, place, building, home, person and animal have boundary lines.

United Kingdom BoundariesIf we use the example of a country such as the United Kingdom, this country has defined physical boundaries.

The United Kingdom is an island yet interconnected to the other countries that make up our planet. Four separate countries are part of the United Kingdom; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and each country has a boundary line.

Ireland is a separate country attached to Northern Ireland.

So, we can see the physical boundaries of the United Kingdom in terms of the physical land. Yet the boundaries of the kingdom are much more complicated, extending up into the air and out to sea. The actual boundaries of the United Kingdom are not visible in the physical world yet remain under the control of the United Kingdom.

As a sovereign country, the United Kingdom has the right to maintain and defend her boundaries by setting rules as far as the entry of other people into the country. There are checks on the physical borders and monitoring of air and waterways to protect her boundaries.

In an ideal world, boundaries of any kind would be respected. Alas, we do not live in such a world.  If the United Kingdom didn’t take steps to protect her boundaries, she would be overrun and under threat from hostile countries. Her boundaries and ability to maintain them keep the United Kingdom safe.

Applying this example to a person as an island, separate yet interlinked to every other living creature as inhabitants of this planet, a person has defined physical boundaries in terms of their physical body.

Yet a person’s boundaries are more complicated in terms of the non-physical boundaries that extend out and around their body. It is much harder to define energy boundaries as they are invisible to the naked eye.

Nevertheless, a person has a right to define their boundaries in terms of their physical and non-physical space.

If you do not own your your personal space, you are the the equivalent of an island without protection.

Just as the United Kingdom is a sovereign country with the right to develop and protect her physical and non-physical boundaries, every person is a sovereign being with the same rights.  You are the Queen of your own Life.

No one else has the right to define your boundaries in terms of what you feel comfortable with or overstep your physical and non-physical space.

The first step to take control of your boundaries is to acknowledge that you are responsible for your boundaries.

Set the intention to develop and maintain your boundaries in the future.

We cannot rely on other people to respect our boundaries if we do not set and respect them ourselves.

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