Morning Glory: The No. 1 Way To Rise & Shine!


Morning time is my favourite time of the day; the freshness and possibility of a full day ahead.

I want to rise and shine every morning to make the most of it and this short exercise is my number 1 way to kick start my day…..

Stand in an upright position, with your feet placed together. Slowly bend your upper body forward and let your hands dangle towards the ground.

Shake your arms and hands for a few seconds, as if you are shaking off water.

Take a deep breath in, and as you breathe in, slowly raise your upper body into a standing position, swing your arms out to the side of your body and above your head in a circle.

Stretch up on your tiptoes. Hold the position for a few second and breathe out, dropping your arms down to the side of the body.

Repeat as often as you wish to.

Try this exercise every morning and you’ll be ready to rise and shine on.

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(C) Samantha Wilson 2016.  All Rights Reserved.