5 Tips For When You Feel A Bit Blah


We all have those days when we feel a bit blah.  The type of day when you’ve got out the wrong side of your bed, your motivation stayed under the duvet and positivity is nowhere to be seen.

I call them my blah days. I’m sure you’ve had a few blah days too.  I do these five things to kick start my motivation and call back my positivity on my blah days:-

1. Move My Body

Feeling a bit blah leaves me feeling a bit stuck so I move my body.  A quick ten minute walk can do the trick but any form of exercise helps the mind and body to shift up a gear.

2. Listen To Music

If a walk doesn’t help, I’ll put a song, turn it up loud and sing along.  No tortured love songs or depressing lyrics for me.  It has to have a beat and usually pulls me up out of feeling blah.

3. Message A Friend

If exercise or music doesn’t work, I’ll reach out to a positive friend on Facebook.  A positive attitude is contagious and a quick encounter can improve my mood in no time.

4. Gratitude

If none of the above work, I count my blessings.  I have lots of them and remembering my blessings reminds me I have everything to feel good for.

5. Have A Hippo Day

If all fails and my blah feeling stays?   I have a hippo day.  Just one.  I let myself feel blah. I surrender to it.  In fact, I sink into it.  Like a hippo in the mud.  After a short period of wallowing in my blah, I quickly get bored, my blah disappears and I’m raring to go again.

So if you have a blah day here and there, I hope these five tips help you.

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