I’m Sorry. 7 Signs You’re Wasting Your Life


This thing called life can be tough, huh? This type of article is a hard one to write and one I can only write because I spent years wasting my life until I finally woke up and started living again.

Living is one thing we all have in common.  We are here to live.  How each of us chooses to live is up to us.

We can live life on our terms and in pursuit of happiness and personal fulfilment by using our talents and skills to create a life of freedom.

Or we can just survive. Because most people who think they are living are really just surviving.

Here are 7 Signs you maybe wasting your life and what to do about it:-

1. You Work To Survive Not To Do Something You Love.

Again, we go back to this thing called life is tough.  We live in a world where we have to make a living to survive.  Society would have us believe that we are here to pay our bills and die and, as a collective, we believe this.

So many people take jobs just for the money or continue in jobs just for the money.  I was a Corporate Lawyer earning big bucks but I was still just surviving. I continued for years in a job that made me unhappy.  Just for the money.

The truth is that you are a creative being with so much more to offer.  We all have our passions and deserve to follow our individual purpose AND make a living using our individual gifts and talents.

2. You Struggle To Think For Yourself

Freedom and thinking for yourself go hand in hand. If you blindly believe in everything you are told, without thinking for yourself, you are more likely to follow the herd instead of walking your own path. Only by walking your own path can you truly find what makes you happy.

Be a critical thinker and question everything.  Listen to your inner voice over the opinions of others and society.  Be your own authority and say No to anything that offends you.

3. You Live In Fear Of Other People’s Opinion

Living in fear of the opinions of others is the number one way human beings waste their lives.  When you give credence to other people’s opinions over your needs and desires, for fear of being criticised, you let other people live your life for you.

The simple truth is this.  Whatever you do, whether you choose to live life for you or limit yourself to fit in, someone will criticise you.  If you are going to be criticised anyway, it’s better to be criticised for living a life you love.

4. You Think About The Past

Living in the past really comes down to thinking of the past. Whether you think back fondly over sweeter and better times or you are haunted by the bad memories, when you spend your time thinking of the past, you waste your life living in the past. Happiness can only be found in the now.

5. Or The Future

When you are not thinking of the past, you are likely to be thinking of the future and relying on a much hyped emotion called hope.  I lived in hope of better times for years until I realised hope wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

Living in the now and taking small and steady actions on a daily basis was the only way to improve my future.

6. Watching T.V. Is Your Main Hobby

Whenever a person tells me they are unhappy in their daily lives or they don’t feel passionate or have any hobbies that make them feel good, i.e. they don’t feel truly alive, I will ask them “what do you do in your free time?”. The answer is usually “I crash out and watch television”.

Watching television has become the number one soul sucking hobby of our time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good movie.  I enjoy documentaries and period series from times gone by. I will never switch on the television just for the sake of it.  If I have time on my hands, then I have time to do activities that give me pleasure and energy.

I’ve yet to see a person get up off the couch after watching television as a hobby with passion, energy and zest for life.  It sucks your soul because it depletes your energy. If you want to feel good then try switching off the box and find something to do that makes you happy.

7. You Try To Satisfy Your Emotional Needs By Buying Things

Are you a person who feels the need to keep buying things to make you feel better? That little black dress, new shade of lipstick or those pretty shoes will make you a happier person? I fell into that trap too. Until I realised that the constant need to buy stuff wasn’t going to make me feel happy or fulfill my emotional needs.  Only living life could do that.

I love the quote “Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.”  by George Catkin. Possessions can’t fulfil us emotionally.

Collect experiences and memories.  Not possessions.  You have to pay for everything you buy which means you have to work harder.  Use your hard earned money on what truly makes you happy.

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