The 7 Superpowers of a Sensitive Person




I’m always writing about the curse of being an Empath so I’m going to change the record and count the many blessings of the Empath.

I’m going to share the superpowers of a sensitive person…..

1. High Levels of Empathy

Empathy is a superpower because empathy just might change the world. Empathy is like an emotional hug.  It really helps a person to feel understood.

Empathy is the ability to stand in the shoes of another, see the world through their eyes and convey that understanding.  The more empathy we have in the world means more understanding and less judgement.

And Empaths have this superpower by the bucket load. Which makes an Empath incredibly open-minded and non-judgemental

Trust me. It takes a lot to shock an Empath.

2. Read People’s Emotions Without Saying A Word

An Empath has the ability to feel another person’s emotions without a word being said.  They instinctually know when a person is suffering and have an uncanny knack of saying just the right thing to help.  This superpower is especially helpful if a person struggles to talk about their feelings.

3.  Natural Lie Detectors 

An Empath can tell when someone is lying.  Even if they don’t challenge the lie.  Their ability to read the emotions of other people include fibs too. They have amazing intuition.

4. High Level Of Self-Awareness

An Empath needs a lot of alone time to recharge their batteries. This gives an Empath time for self-reflection.  They continually strive to work on their issues which in turn means they have a great deal of wisdom to help others.

5. Good Friends

Empaths are naturally loyal and supportive.  They are good to talk to as they won’t judge you. They will share their gift of empathy with you.  You’ll get a lot of emotional hugs. A healthy Empath will set boundaries if you are disloyal, disrespectful or take them for granted.

6. Make Amazing Leaders & Activists 

Empaths genuinely care about the people around them and the world at large.  This makes an Empath a natural leader with the ability to listen, empathise and play fair.  They will always support the underdog and can become amazing voices for their personal causes.

7. Highly Original And Creative

An Empath’s natural curiosity and fertile imagination mean that Empaths are highly original and creative whether as artists, writers, musicians or craftsmen.  They need to be encouraged to find an outlet for their creativity.

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