Apathy: Are You Suffering From Soul Death?


“If you’re not feeling, you’re not living”

There’s a disease on the rise and it´s sweeping the world far and wide.

This disease can’t be cured by pills and potions.  Medicines or drugs. Indeed, the effects are devastating.

This disease is called apathy.  A loss of connection to your inner self and emotions. Detachment from your soul.

Apathy can be described as a lack of interest, emotion or concern.  A state of detachment that results in absolute passivity and unresponsiveness.

Apathy is a lack of feeling.  A numbness.  A void. A massive hole inside. It’s all about lack. A lack of connection to life.

I’ve come to the conclusion that to live is to feel; the good, the bad and the ugly.

We are here to feel the breadth and width of life. We are here to feel it all.

This is why apathy is tantamount to Soul Death because if you’re not feeling, you’re not living.

Your soul is here to grow through experiencing emotions and apathy is the number one symptom that you’ve lost your connection to your soul, your creativity, your imagination and ability to create your life.

If you are in a state of apathy, the only way you can begin to experience life again is to reconnect with your soul. Your ability to feel.  Your pleasure and your pain.

Only by reconnecting with your soul can you come alive again.

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