Dear Empath: Are You The Walking Wounded?


The wound is the place where the light enters – Rumi

I shared how I finally realised that I was an Empath without boundaries in my post – Dear Empath: Why You Really Need To Protect Your Boundaries.

When I finally accepted that I was an Empath without boundaries, I didn’t fall into the trap of believing that I was sentenced to a lifetime of feeling too much.

This belief directly contradicted a stronger belief that I hold.

That I am the Queen of my own life including my physical and non-physical space.

As I researched Empaths to arm myself with as much information as possible, I was astounded by the number of people who genuinely believe that Empaths were destined to walk the Earth being hit by wave after wave of emotions AND this was somehow their purpose.

My gut told me that this was wrong.  What purpose would an Empath serve being on a continuous emotional roller-coaster which left them feeling emotionally drained when Empaths have such beautiful gifts to share? This made no sense at all for the well-being of the Empath.

So I continued in my quest to understand myself as an Empath and my gift of empathy.

After much soul-searching, the answer became clear. I became an Empath without boundaries because of the emotional wounds of my childhood. These emotional wounds had let the light in.  I was one of the many walking wounded on this planet open to the energy around me.

As I result, I didn’t develop boundaries as a child. So how could I hold them as an adult?

And this, my friends, was liberating.

This understanding put me back in charge.  I had to heal the wounds of the past and teach myself to protect my space in terms of my boundaries.

I became a healthy and healed Empath.  I still have a deep sense of empathy without taking on everyone’s emotions at the expense of myself.

After training as a Reiki Master, I began to work with Empaths without boundaries.  With gentle questioning, a large percentage had also experienced a form of emotional wounding.  They hadn’t healed from this wounding and they were unable to develop their boundaries.

If you are an Empath without boundaries, you too may be one of the walking wounded.

You can become a healthy and happy Empath by learning how to cleanse yourself of past emotional experiences and developing your boundaries.

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