Dear Empath: Are You Being Faithful To You?


I’m going to ask you a really important question.

Are You Being Faithful To You?

You see, many Empaths have lost their natural instinct to make their well-being a priority and how to protect themselves in terms of their boundaries.

That their health and well-being is not as important as the well-being of other people.

Ultimately, this belief stops an Empath from developing their boundaries and caring for themselves, which is so important for an Empath to stay happy and healthy.  An Empath needs to be faithful to themselves.

My life changed the day that I realised I needed to be faithful to myself.

That my self-care had to go right to the top of my list of priorities to stop putting my health, well-being and happiness at risk.

I started to say No to anything that wasn’t good for me.  I learnt how to protect myself through boundary self-care.

My life changed for the better.  Finally, I’m a Happy Empath.

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