Nikita Gill: 10 Quotes To Remind You To Grow Wilder


10 Quotes To Remind You To Grow Wilder

Nikita Gill (Author of Your Soul Is A River) has taken the internet by storm with her ability to capture a whirlwind of emotion within her wildish poems.

Here are 10 Nikita Gill quotes to remind you to grow wilder…

1. Some days I am more wolf than woman, and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild.

2. You must understand: they fear you. There is nothing scarier in their minds than a girl who knows the power of her flames.

3. There are human beings in this world who are soft enough to feel every terrible thing that happens so deeply. And are still brave enough to remain constant and suffer for those who need them the most. Even the stars blink in awe of the gleam of their souls.

4. If you are someone who still carries hope in your heart, kindness in your eyes and generosity in your fingertips despite terrible people happening to you, thank you. You are one of the few truly pure things left in this world, and you deserve to be protected.

5. Seven billion people and some of us have just had the best day of their lives. Today may have been the very worst day of yours. But take solace and celebrate this simple fact. It wasn’t your best day today, but it is on its way because we all get lucky in turn.

6. Do not disregard or hate the maps on your skin and soul. These scars have never diminished your worth, they are the stories that make you whole.

7, They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. But honestly? Forget that. Don’t be beautiful. Be angry, be intelligent, be witty, be klutzy, be interesting, be funny, be adventurous, be crazy, be talented – there is an eternity of other things to be other than beautiful. And what is beautiful anyway but a set of letters strung together to make a word? Be your own definition of amazing, always. That is so much more important than anything beautiful, ever.

8. We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins, carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains. 93 percent stardust, with souls made of flames, we are all just stars that have people names.

9. My Dear, never forget that he was just a raindrop when you are an entire fucking storm.

10. I hope you are blessed with a heart like a wildflower.  Strong enough to rise again after you have been trampled on, tough enough to weather the worst of the summer storms. And able to grow and flourish even in the most broken places.

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