Growing Wilder: 7 Signs You´re Blooming Wildly


10 Quotes To Remind You To Grow Wilder

The Awakened Woman is an enigma, my friends.  Strong in all the right ways yet gentle when needed.  As proud as a Lioness yet humble when it counts. A fierce queen with a heart full of courage yet compassionate to all.   She is intuitive yet logical.  Wise yet innocent. She´s got her head in the clouds and her feet on the ground.

An Awakened Woman owns her feminine power to create a wave in her own life and blooms wildly in all the places she never thought she could.

Are you an Awakened Woman…. here are 7 signs that you are blooming wildly.

1.  An Awakened Woman owns her place in the world.  She knows what she stands for.   Her values and beliefs. She is safe and secure in her feminine power.

2.  An Awakened Woman doesn´t mistake the bud of youth for the bloom of womanhood.   She has disengaged with the beauty myth and reclaimed her inner sensuality, her vitality and her feminine essence.    Her feminine power oozes from every pore.

3. An Awakened Woman knows how to shake it.  Shake off her fears that is.  She understands that her fears are the bars on the cage that tame her and her freedom lies in the wild beyond.

4. An Awakened Woman has opened her heart and embraces self-love.  She is compassionate and empathetic to herself and those around her.

5. An Awakened Woman will speak her truth, even if her voice shakes.  She has developed her assertiveness skills to hold her boundaries and protect her space.  She knows when to say No to others to Yes to herself.

6. An Awakened Woman has a sharp intelligence and intuition like a hound on the scent of fresh kill. She weaves these two gifts together, harnessing their power to direct and create her life as she wishes.

7. An Awakened Woman is a passionate woman who lives through her purpose.  She tends to her inner fire and her courage is her fuel.  She is the Queen of her own Life.  She absolutely owns it.

Women try to tame themselves as they get older but the women who feel and look the best are the ones who grow wilder. Join me on my Growing Wilder  E-Course and awaken your wild spirit.  Click below for details.

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