6 Signs That You Absolutely Need To Take A Break


We all have times when we push ourselves too far, take on too many commitments and forget to take care of ourselves.  We can overlook the warning signs of burnout often.

Yet being aware of when we absolutely need to take a break is essential to avoid burnout.  Here are six signs to remind you when you need to take care of you:-

1. Your Physical Health Is Failing 

Overstretching yourself leads to one thing.  Stress.  If you are suffering from stress, your physical health will also be affected.  From a low immune system to coughs and colds to more serious illnesses such as high blood pressure, stress is the number one silent killer.

2. You Start To Make Mistakes

Prolonged periods of stress can affect your rational thinking.  When your rational thinking is affected, you may notice that your decision-making skills are affected or that you are making mistakes that you wouldn´t usually make.

3. Your Social Life/Hobbies Take A Hit

As your physical health declines so will your interest in your pleasure pursuits.  You may feel that you don´t have the energy yet your social life/hobbies generate a source of pleasure, a feel-good feeling.

 4. Your Tolerance To People Hits Zero

As your stress levels increase, your tolerance to your family, friends and co-workers may be affected.  You may find yourself reacting to the slightest provocation or negativity which you would be able to brush off usually.

5. Your Sleep Is Affected

During periods of stress, your body needs more rest yet the opposite can happen.  You may experience stress-related insomnia due to anxiety and overactive thoughts which only exacerbates your stress levels.

6.  Chronic Fatigue & Loss Of Interest In Life 

As your exposure to stress continues you may develop chronic fatigue, constant mental fog and loss of interest in every aspect of your life.

By this stage, you are absolutely ready for a break.  By regularly switching off from the daily grind of life, developing a self-care, setting limits and by making “me time”, you can combat the symptoms of stress and improve your health on a mind, body and soul level.

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