Do You Need A Mental Hug?


“You need a mental hug, darling” is something I say to people often.

“What do you mean by a mental hug” you might ask?

We all have days when the going gets tough.  When the world and our problems feel too much for us to handle.  We might feel like we´re having a bit of a meltdown.

These are the days when you need a mental hug.  For someone to put themselves in your shoes for a moment and just….understand.

Not judge you or try to solve your problems.

Just understand.

Empathy is like giving someone a mental hug and you deserve your empathy most of all.

So, instead of being so hard on yourself, try to be kinder, more loving and more accepting.  Give yourself a mental squeeze of understanding whenever you need one.

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A big mental hug to you.  Just in case you need one 🙂

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