Remember Her. Your Inner Child. Let´s Go Find Her!


When I created the Free Your Wild Program, I thought long and hard about my journey to free my wild.

I remembered just how miserable I felt in my former life as a workaholic lawyer.

How grey and harsh the world seemed.

How I suffered from a devasting case of apathy.

How I´d lost my connection to my inner self, my creativity and to my life.


I secretly thought that happy people were faking it.

How could anyone feel happy in this stressful world?

But I did come alive again.

I came alive when I remembered her.  My inner child. The girl I´d lost along the way.

I went off in search of a better life and I found her.  She gave me back her gifts of trust, innocence, imagination, adventure, courage, curiosity and joy.

The very gifts that I needed to create a life that I love.

With these gifts, I built the life I wanted.  The life I´d always imagined. A life in colour.

So, do you remember her?  Your inner child? She is still there. Inside You. Waiting.

Let´s Go Find Her!

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