She Let Go. Without A Thought. Without A Word. She Just Let Go


She Let Go.  Without A Thought.  Without A Word

She Let Go

This is the opening line of a beautiful poem by Rev. Safire Rose.  One of my favourite works describing the end of a journey I would love to see every woman take.

The journey is the long walk home. The return to the wild.  The liberation of the woman from her fears, her anxiety, her wounds of the past.

The unpeeling of layer after layer of doubt, indecision, unworthiness and shame.

The dropping of blame, guilt, disillusionment and anger.

The journey to recover the soul from apathy.

The bringing home of the inner child and her gifts.

The strike of the match that relights your inner fire.

The return to the wild as you are thrust into a whole new world of freedom and beyond into creativity and a life that you love.  The greatest life that you can imagine.

Everything I am today is a result of letting go.

Because until you let go, you´ll find the fears you are carrying, the anxiety about your worth, your belief in yourself and those wounds that need gentle healing will make their presence known at every opportunity…until you let them all go.

And then a whole new world of freedom awaits.

If you haven´t read Rev Safire Rose´s beautiful poem “She Let Go”, her work is available on the internet for you to muse over.  Her words are such an inspiration for every woman.

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