7 Signs You´re Destined To Live An Epic Life


We all believed that we were destined to live an epic life as a child. Our youthful imagination and natural curiosity dreamt a future for us.  As we grew up, we may decide that we were naive as we conformed to what society dictated.  A small life.  A normal life.  A life without colour.  Where we are encouraged to forget about taking risks to play it safe.

Yet some people do manage to break free from such a limiting set of rules and go on to live an epic life, a life of passion, filled with curiosity and an adventure. They break the status quo and live in colour, my friends.  An epic life of their dreams.

So, how do you know if you are destined to live an epic life?  Let´s take a look….

1. You See Life As An Adventure

That´s right  You see life as living an adventure including the good, the bad and the ugly things that happen to you.  I call it riding the wheel of fortune – just like a Ferris Wheel.  You will rise and fall, have successes and failures, crash and burn and rise again.  You are not afraid to live and take chances.

2. Courage Is Your Fuel For Your Life Journey

If life is a journey then courage is your rocket fuel.  Yes, your rocket fuel.  Living an epic life means that you are ready and able to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone into the land of your dreams.  Courage will take you there, my friends.

3You Hold Your Self-Worth In Your Own Hands

To live an epic life, you hold your self-worth in your own hands.  You don´t need the approval of other people or their opinions.  Your opinion of yourself is the only one that counts.

4. You Take Leaps Of Faith

When you go after your dreams, you´ll need to take a leap of faith or two and this takes courage.  Life doesn´t come with a guarantee and only by taking leaps of faith will you step out of your comfort zone.  When you take a leap of faith, you are not blindly jumping into the abyss but taking a calculated risk while believing in yourself and your abilities.

5. You Will Crash & Burn

To life an epic life, you must be willing to fail and you will crash and burn.  It´s all part of the process, the path of learning, the key to living an epic life.   Every failure is a step towards success.

6. You´re Not Afraid To Die A Little to Start Living Again

You understand that change is the name of the game.  You are not afraid to die a little to start living again.  You understand that life is a series of endings and beginnings and you stay fluid to the changes that life throws your way.

7. You Persevere

You know what you want from life and that your dreams will take work, determination and willpower.  You set goals and persevere through the challenges and obstacles that get in the way.  You are willing to go the distance, no matter the cost, to live the life of your dreams.

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