Be The Woman Who Never Backed Down



“I was once afraid of people saying “Who does she think she is?”.  Now I have the courage to stand up and say “This is who I am” – Oprah Winfrey

This thing called life can be tough, huh?  Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, life just keeps coming back at you in the guise of people and situations, obstacles and trials.  You want to be happy, you want to live in ease, you want to get along with people, without drama and conflict.  Mostly, you want to live in peace.  Yet life doesn´t seem to roll that way.

So why does life, in general, seem to have it in for you?  I have a feeling that if life could give you an answer, life would say “You´re gonna be happy but, first, I´ll make you strong.  Come on!  You can do it! Be the woman who never backed down!”.

Because that´s what life asks of you.  To not back down from living.  To be brave and courageous. To find your inner strength and peace in the face of chaos around you.  To live your best life in the face of adversity.  To dream big and worry less.  To believe in yourself even when no one else does. To live with integrity in your morals and values even when those around you may have none.  To go after the life you want and make it happen.

And the people, situations, obstacles and trials?  That´s life´s way of showing you where you need to toughen up.  Where you need to be brave and face your fears.  When you need to protect yourself, your dreams and wishes.  Where you feel weak and vulnerable so you can become strong and resilient.

Life asks you to assert your authentic self and shine no matter what.  That you become the best version of yourself.  Then and only then will everything fall into place.  That´s when you really start to live!

So be the girl who never backed down, my friends.  Show life that you are a force to be reckoned with because that´s all that life is really asking of you.

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