Courage, Dear Heart: You Are Stronger Than You Know


Fear is a reaction.  Courage is a decision – Winston Churchill

I walked the Camino de Santiago in 2016 and one of the biggest lessons I took from the experience was to have more courage.  Indeed, the Camino gives you courage by the bucketload.  Many people end the Camino to go on and radically change their life.

Along the way, I realised that I could access my inner courage whenever my back was up against the wall or my knees had hit the ground.  Either way, at that point, I had more courage than I needed.  I could shake the world down.  What I needed to do was find a way to access my inner courage at any point.  To use courage as my fuel to live my best life.

I thought about the word courage. Co-rage.  Working with instead of against your inner rage.  Doesn´t sound pretty, does it!  But then I thought about passion and drive, willpower and determination as facets of rage, of our inner fire burning bright.  As our rocket fuel.  And it all made sense.

We all have an inner fire burning inside.  Sometimes its a flicker of light just waiting for us to fan the flames. Yet, sometimes, it´s a wildfire that threatens to burn down everything.

We have to be careful with our inner fire. We have to keep the home fires burning bright.  We must tend to it.  We have to stoke it by adding our passions and desires but, mostly, we have to learn how to control it.  To direct our inner fire that is courage at will.

And once you are able to access your inner courage?  You realise that you are stronger than you could ever know.  That you have a reserve of fiery fuel inside of you that will take you where you need to go.  Always available. Especially when you need it the most.

I tend to my inner fire.  I keep it burning bright.  I control it. Most importantly, I use it to live my best life.

So remember, my friends.  If fear is a reaction, courage is a decision.  Your rocket fuel will take you anywhere you want to go.

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