Don’t Compromise Yourself. You’re All You’ve Got


Don’t Compromise Yourself.  You’re All You’ve Got – Jan Joplis

During a recent conversation with a friend, they asked me the question “Are you being the best version of Sam that you can be” in a particular situation.  The answer?  The answer was No.  My friend had given me a gentle reminder about living in integrity.

I believe in integrity.  Even if I sometimes stray from the path.  Let´s be honest, being in our integrity doesn´t sound too sexy.  There are plenty of other behaviours we may wish to adopt. Yet the truth is – our integrity is all we´ve got.

Our integrity is our moral compass and gives us the mental backbone that walks us through life, in alignment with who we truly are at our very core.  It´s what we stand for.  What we believe in.  How we treat others and, in turn, how we allow others to treat us.

Without integrity, we stand for nothing and we fall for everything. We fall prey to the negative behaviours of others or act in negative ways ourselves.  We are less likely to live authentically or, god forbid, we may live for others and compromise ourselves.  We lose our connection to our authentic self and, if we lose ourselves, we lose it all.

With integrity, we follow our own moral compass and become the best version of ourselves.  We treat ourselves and, in turn, the people around us with respect.  We know how to take care and protect ourselves.  We believe in fairness, no matter the actions of the people around us.

We go to sleep at night with a clear conscience because we know that we have acted in alignment with our true self.  Living in integrity means that we live life right.

So I was grateful for the reminder to live in integrity and be the best version of myself that I can be.  To stand in my values whatever life throws at me.

I won´t compromise myself – I´m all I´ve got.

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