I Am Goddess: Are You In Touch With Your Inner Sensuality?


“Beauty is to recognise how full of love you are.  Sensuality is to let some of that love shine through”

As part of my journey from a corporate lawyer to a woman creating a life that I loved, I realised that I was out of touch with my inner sensuality.

I was denying my power as a woman, a goddess, a carrier of love and a vessel of creative energy.  I was starving my body and my life of pleasure.

I needed to connect to my inner sensuality to honour who I truly was so that I could fully engage with life again.

Every woman has this energy inside of her and part of our journey as women is to awaken this energy and connect with our inner sensuality.  To recognise that beauty is to be full of love and sensuality is to let some of that love shine through.

The journey to connect to my inner sensuality could be described as an awakening of my feminine energy that had become dormant because of the way I was living.  I wasn´t loving myself or honouring my needs.

Self-love was the key that opened the door to my inner sensuality.  I made the decision to become faithful to myself, to love myself so much, inside and out, that all the blocks to my inner sensuality didn´t stand a chance.

Only by loving myself so much, could I truly be beautiful.  Only when I realised that my true beauty was my inner sensuality, could I own my power as a woman.

As I filled myself to the brim with self-love, my inner sensuality shined through in my thoughts, actions and deeds.  I was coming from a place of love, not fear, and this reflected in my life.

Finally, I was able to access my creative energy which infused my life with passion and purpose.   I learnt how to direct this energy to manifest my desires.  I became the woman on fire with her lust for life and it all began with the act of loving myself so deeply that I broke all the barriers within.

If you are not in touch with your inner sensuality, take heart.  Your inner sensuality is lying dormant within you and self-love is the key.  Commit to yourself, love yourself like your life depends on it and awaken your lust for life.

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