Why You Have To Die A Little To Start Living Again


“It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship, lifestyle or a job.  If it doesn’t make you happy, let it go”

It takes courage to let go of things that are not meant for us.  Indeed, it can be painful.  We often ignore the signs because change is hard yet the real tragedy is when we allow ourselves to remain in a situation that doesn’t make us happy.

We lose time.  We waste our lives in places, with people or even in patterns of thinking that are not good for us and this time can’t be brought back.

It’s the fear of change, of letting go, that keeps us stuck in our tracks, like a deer caught between headlights.   Yet the fear of change is nothing compared to the loss of opportunities, the loss of happiness and, yes, the loss of time.

Change.  Why do we humans fear change?  I ask myself this question every day.  If a person is so unhappy in any area of their life, shouldn´t their natural instinct be to let it go as fast as possible?   Perhaps it is a natural instinct that has been repressed and replaced with fear.  Fear of uncertainty.  Fear of failure.  Fear of having hope for a better future.

I´ve come to realise that change is the one certainty of life.  Whether you roll with it or fight it, life is a series of endings and beginnings.  Of deaths and rebirths.  We all have to die a little to start living again and it is human nature to fear death more than anything.

Yet only through letting go of what doesn´t make us happy can we create space for new life to flourish.  Only through dying a little can we truly start to live again.

If you look back at your life during times when you were letting go of relationships, jobs or any situation that made you unhappy, you´ll see that you created space for new life to bloom.  It may have been tough but you got through it.  More than got through it and you´re probably much happier for it.

And if you know that you need to change any area of your life?  Having the courage to let go of the relationship, a lifestyle or a job that´s no longer meant for you means one thing.  Finally, you have space for the right relationship, a lifestyle that makes you happy or a job that fulfils your needs.

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