Introducing Roman Payne, Author of “The Wanderess”


Dear Wanderess,

I´m delighted to have this opportunity to introduce myself and The Wanderess Collaboration with Samantha Wilson.

The Wanderess book was published in 2013 and inspired millions of women to embrace their freedom and reclaim their wildish nature.

I’m sharing a little more on how The Wanderess came into being.

Until The Wanderess was published in 2013, the word “Wanderess” wasn’t recognized as a word in any dictionary.

“She was free in her wildness. She is a Wanderess. She belongs to no man and to no city” is the most celebrated quote in The Wanderess and is the inspiration behind The Wanderess Book of Quotes.

So, why did I create a female character such as The Wanderess?

Women are extraordinary creatures. I know women. I grew up in a household of sisters. I have loved and respected women all of my life. I love the feminine culture.

I´ll let you into a little secret. Sakia, the female character in The Wanderess, is my ideal woman.  She is someone I would be attracted to and have great respect for. Her life is one that I would want my future daughters to live.

A life where the woman is not limited. Where she understands that she has just one life and that it is her´s and her´s alone to live.

Just like Samantha, I believe that women reach their potential when they are in their wild and natural state. That their wild nature is there for the taking and I want my words to inspire women to reach their full potential.

“Because you must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance into your imagination.”

Which is why I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Samantha on The Wanderess Collaboration.  We have much to share with you in the coming times.

We begin with our first project The Wanderess Book of Quotes,

In this Limited Edition Book, Samantha has handpicked each quote to inspire you to grow wilder and every copy will be signed, sealed and delivered by myself including a personalized message.

We have just a few copies left at the introductory price. Purchase The Wanderess Book Of Quotes today and inspire your inner Wanderess.  You can find out more at The Wanderess Collaboration or click the link below.

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