Keep The Faith: Believing In Yourself When No One Else Does


For those of you who have followed my journey here in Spain, you´ll know that I live an adventurous life.  I follow my own path, march to the drumbeat of my heart and, to some, the way I live my life is very different.  I take risks, my friends because life is for living.

Which can leave me open to doubters.  People who are limited by fearful thoughts who may not understand my life choices or comprehend the way I live my life.  Just because it´s different.  Even a little scary and this can be tough on me.

Don´t get me wrong.  Very few doubters are negative.  It is a lack of comprehension that a women can live such an independent life in a foreign country.  That a woman can travel far and wide alone.  A woman who is streetwise and smart yet open to life and the people around her.  A woman who created a business from thin air and put her heart and soul into it to fulfil her dreams of living an adventurous life.

I see the doubters as a lesson in holding my self-worth in my own hands.  That no one else´s opinion of me counts more than my own.  It´s a lesson in keeping the faith, even when other´s doubt me.  And it works.

Because I´ve learnt not to care for the opinions of other people which frees me to be me, to do what I please and never limit myself because of the limits other people place on themselves.

It´s doesn´t matter the sound of your own drumbeat or the different path you choose to take.  Keep the faith, my friends, and believe in yourself and your dreams.  The doubters will doubt you anyway.  You may even help them to stop limiting themselves.  Hold your own self-worth in your own hands and go for it.  Your freedom is calling you…

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