Roman Payne On Growing Wilder


Dear Wanderess,

When I first spoke with Samantha about joining forces on The Wanderess Collaboration, Samantha shared her story “Don´t Belong To No Man. Don’t Belong To No City” with me.

Samantha was seriously considering giving up on her dreams and my quote “She is free in her wildness. She is a Wanderess. She belongs to no man and to no city” scrawled on a wall inspired her to continue.

Samantha’s story inspired and humbled me. When I wrote The Wanderess, I had no idea how many women burned with a desire to awaken their wild nature and live a life of passion and purpose, outside of the norm and how my words would inspire them to break free.

I receive messages from women around the world who aspire to live the life of a Wanderess. To not be constrained or limited in what they believe they deserve and what they can achieve.

Which is why The Wanderess Collaboration is a project that has become my passion and purpose. It is a mission of mine to inspire women to return to their wild roots and live authentically. To live the best life that they can live.

That is my wish for you. That you have the courage and bravery to overcome all of the obstacles that life throws are you. I want my words to fill you with courage and the confidence to grow wilder as you grow older. To inspire you to go after the life of your dreams, just like Samantha.

I´m looking forward to sharing much more with you.

Our first project is The Wanderess Book of Quotes. In this Limited Edition Book, Samantha has handpicked each quote from The Wanderess to inspire you to grow wilder and every copy will be signed, sealed and delivered by myself including a personalized message, just for you.

We have just a few copies left at the introductory price. Pre-order The Wanderess Book Of Quotes today and inspire your inner Wanderess.  You can find out more at The Wanderess Collaboration. or click the link below.

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