So It Is. Finally. She Was Free


So it is.  Just like she’s always imagined.  Her soul had cried for freedom for years. Finally, she was free.

You see, she’d needed to change, to evolve and to grow.

So she’d shaken her soul free from the fears that caged her.

She ´d opened her heart to let the past bleed out of her.

She’d faced her own chaos, no longer would she self-destruct.

She was in control of her emotions, they didn´t get the better of her.

Her mind was free from the thoughts that used to suffocate her.

But, most importantly, she was faithful to herself.  In thought and action.

Because she´d loved herself through everything that life had thrown at her.

And so she´d made peace with herself.  Once and for all.

She made the choice, you see, the choice to grow wilder.

She believed in herself and her power to bloom.

She chose love over fear and life reflected this love right back at her.

She was living the life of her dreams.  The life she´d always imagined.

Finally, my friends.  She was free.

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(c) Samantha Wilson 2018. All Rights Reserved.