The Wanderess: Don´t Belong To No City. Don´t Belong To No Man


Yes, I´m beginning this post with a random picture of a few words of graffiti scrawled on a dirty wall!

Yet the story behind this picture is of magic, of mystery and a little twist of fate…..

I’ve been living the life of a Wanderess since 2011 when I waved goodbye to my career as a Lawyer and moved across the seas to Andalucia, Spain. The land of my dreams. The place I would wander at will.

As Roman will explain soon, there is a difference between being a Wanderess and being a Traveller. And I have wandered. I’ve lived in the mountains and by the ocean; in cities, pueblos, villages and even an olive farm. My wandering has taken me far and wide around Spain and beyond including the Camino de Santiago 700km trek across Northern Spain, in August 2016.

The life of a Wanderess is an exciting one yet even a Wanderess can have moments of doubt. I call these doubts my sore feet moments. They are few and far between when I’m a little bit weary and lacking in courage to continue. When thoughts of my old life suddenly creep in. Wouldn’t it just be easier to go back to a normal life? Wouldn’t it be easier to pack it all in?

A year ago, I had a particularly bad case of sore feet. I was tempted by a corporate job back in the big smoke in the UK. My mind and my heart were in turmoil. Which should I choose?

As I wandered daily into the mountains above the village I lived in, pondering over my life choices, I´d pass by a wall covered with graffiti. As you´ll see, it´s not the prettiest of walls.

Yet among all of the drawings and words in Spanish, two lines stood out. “Don´t belong to no city. Don´t belong to no man” This line caught my attention. Roman Payne, I thought. “She is free in her wildness. She is a Wanderess. She belongs to no man and to no city”. The legendary quote from the book The Wanderess was staring back at me, albeit in a slightly different form.

If you follow me on Facebook, you´ll know that I am a quote queen. I understand the power of the word. How a few words strung together with wisdom, with passion and with kindness can completely transform the way a person thinks.

Roman Payne´s words scrawled on a dirty wall got me through one of my greatest moments of doubts.

Roman Payne´s words gave me the courage to continue to go after the life of my dreams and never ever give up.

At that moment in time, Roman Payne was an author who I´d never met or spoken to.

A year on, in a strange twist of fate with a little magic thrown in, I´ve joined forces with Roman Payne to create The Wanderess Collaboration.

My experience inspired the decision to work on our first project The Wanderess Book of Quotes. To take the very best of the wisdom of The Wanderess story and set it down in a beautiful silk-bound book to inspire you to wander, to dream, to dance with your imagination and fly. To go beyond what you thought was possible. To believe in the magic and mystery of a world beyond your comfort zone.

If you are interested in our first project, The Wanderess Book of Quotes, we have just a few copies left at the introductory price.  Your copy will be signed, sealed and delivered by Roman and include a personalized message.  You can find out more at The Wanderess Collaboration or click the link below.

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