The Wanderess: To Wander Is To Be Alive


Hello Wanderess,

“To Wander Is To Be Alive”  is one of my favourite Roman Payne quotes.

Yet I receive many messages from women who can´t physically wander.  They have commitments.  Food to put on the table.  Children to care for.  Work to attend to.  My answer is this….

You see, your Inner Wanderess has a natural curiosity for the magical and the mundane and you don´t need to travel to wander.  You can wander at will by using your imagination to take you any place that you want to go!

The life of a Wanderess is as much a mental journey as a physical journey.  It is to use your gifts of curiosity and imagination.  Engaging with your passions and creativity.  Allowing your mind to open to new thoughts and beliefs.  You don´t need to travel to do this.

So, what can you do to inspire your Inner Wanderess?

Where can your imagination and natural curiosity take you today?

What can you do that will make you feel alive?

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