To All Of You Who Are Struggling Today. Keep On. Keeping On!


Every now and again, I´ll receive a message from one of my followers.  They are inspired by my life and my words, yet they are struggling so much with life.  All of their energy is spent trying to stay afloat.  There´s no energy to break free.

In my journey to freedom, I´ve had many days when I´ve woken up in the morning, not sure how I would make it through the day.  When taking each breath, in and out, was as much as I could muster.

I came to realise it was part of the journey.

That feeling tough emotions, a lack of willpower and even symptoms of depression were all signs of breaking free.

That I was going through a period of letting go and what I was feeling was the healing. Most importantly, I realised that there was no shame in my struggles.

On these days, I would use a little mantra.  Keep on, keeping on, Sam.  One foot in front of the other.  One breath at a time.  Just keep on, keeping on, Sam, because the simple truth is – no feeling lasts forever.  I was breaking free.

So, to all of you who are struggling today, keep on, keeping on, my friends!  Be proud of making it through another day. One step and one breath at a time.  Don´t be ashamed of your struggles and focus on who you are becoming.  Your breakthrough is on the way.

(c) Samantha Wilson 2018. All Rights Reserved