Turn Your Magic On. Everything You Wants A Dream Away


“Turn your magic on – everything you wants a dream away” is a line from the Coldplay song “Come Alive Again”

“I feel my heart beating… I feel my heart beating..”. Let´s face it – when you can feel your heart beating in your chest, you know that you´re alive!

Your heart beats faster when you are going after something you really want.  When you are about to step out of your comfort zone and you need to turn your magic on to make it happen.  Everything you want from life really is only a dream away!

And that´s why I am walking the Camino de Santiago this summer. To turn my magic on for new dreams, new creative ventures and a new mission.  Ask anyone who has walked the Camino.  It turns your magic on!

I conceived two creative projects; my Growing Wilder E-Course and  Free Your Wild Program on my 2016 Camino.  I adopted the Adventures of a Wild Woman tag for my travels.  When I got back from the Camino, I moved across State to the place I really wanted to live.  Who knows what dreams of mine will be seeded this time?

I can´t wait to find out!

If you are looking to turn your magic on and create new dreams (and even walk the Camino), I share everything you need in my Free Your Wild Program.

I´ll keep you wild!

Visit  Free Your Wild Program for full details.

Stay Wild!